Company Profile: Carolyn Nelson Independent Agency

I am Carolyn Nelson and I am Nelson Health Insurance.  As the owner and the person you will talk to when you call or when you need assistance, I will be on the other end of the line to help you in every way I can.  My mission is to have your insurance coverage in place and to know that you are covered in advance in case of an accident, illness or pregnancy to have the best medical care and avoid potential financial devastation caused by unexpected medical bills.  Once you have a major medical problem, including pregnancy, it is too late to buy insurance.  It can be compared to trying to buy automobile insurance after you have had an accident.  I have a friend who is now very ill with cancer who refused to buy medical insurance because he “couldn’t afford it”. Over the years I have had many calls from people who waited too long and were not insurable. You must buy health insurance while you are well and have a clean bill of health.
I give personalized service to my clients with consideration for their lifestyle, financial goals and health care needs.  I care about finding the best medical coverage to meet my client’s medical requirements and budget, and I provide support to my clients through the insurance process.  I am available to answer questions, explain policy details, help with claims, or to contact the insurance carrier to resolve any issues that may arise.
I have been a resident of Orange County, CA for nearly thirty years.  Since 1991 I have been a licensed health and life insurance agent with my own business.  I have a clientele of satisfied customers, with many long term relationships. Call me to find out how I can help you protect your health and financial resources.